Automation of cultivation and capacity

Seeding and differentiation of stem cells


CompacT SelecT ™ is an automated cell culture and screening system specifically designed for the needs of medium-capacity laboratories.
It has all the capabilities of the recognized SelecT ™ system with lower performance, power and size. It is able to independently scatter the cells in vials and tablets for screening and the subsequent development of the experiment. The CompacT SelecT ™ system allows you to grow and maintain cells from different cell lines in T-type vials and scatter cells on tablets.

Screening studies


The Carl Zeiss Primo Vert inverted microscope focuses on the most important things: high quality optical imaging, choice of durable materials, ease of operation, and attractive design.

Analytical imaging systems


Analytical imageInverted biological universal research microscope Axio Observer produced by Carl Zeiss is designed for advanced research, as well as responsible and complex biomedical tasks.


The result of the joint work of Carl Zeiss with scientists and specialists was the emergence of a new Axio Examiner microscope.